Research and Design
Titanium Institute
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Titanium production

  • Titanium slag production technology.
  • Technical titanium tetrachloride production technology.
  • Deep purification of titanium tetrachloride technology.
  • The technology of magnesium reduction of titanium tetrachloride.
  • The technology of vacuum separation of reaction mass during the formation of sponge titanium blocks.
  • Sponge titanium blocks processing technology.
  • The production technology of titanium powders and titanium powder articles.
  • The technology of alloying and refining of titanium powders.
  • The technology of processing of titanium scrap and titanium alloys.


Magnesium production

  • Technology of electrolytic production of magnesium.
  • Technology of continuous magnesium refining.
  • Technology of granulated magnesium production technology.


Rare metals production

  • Production technology of magnesium reduction of zirconium sponge.
  • Technology of Ti-Zr master alloys production.



  • Off-gases purification technology.
  • Technology of purification of residential and industrial waste water.
  • Industrial waste management technologies.


Other industries

  • Ferrochromium and ferrochrome silicon production technology.
  • Ferrotitanium production technology.
  • Ti-Al system production technology.
  • Technology of desulfurization of cast iron with granulated magnesium.