Research and Design
Titanium Institute
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+38 061 213 82 30


Design works, services on the author's supervision of start-up and development of production, staff training and transfer of know-how, examination of the technical condition of production in the following areas:

  • titanium slag for production of titanium and titanium dioxide;
  • titanium sponge;
  • titanium powders, titanium powder articles;
  • magnesium and magnesium alloys, granulated magnesium;
  • rare metals – zirconium, vanadium;
  • desulphurization of cast iron by granulated magnesium;
  • analytical control and elaboration of normative and metrological documents.


Range of works on industrial ecology:

  • accessioning of atmosphere pollution sources;
  • analytic control of contaminants in recycling waters, industrial emissions and soil;
  • environmental safety assessment of industrial waste;
  • efficiency assessment of environmental protection activities and their justification;
  • ecological expertise, assessment of site environmental impact;
  • inspection of gas-treating system;
  • calculation of gas-treating equipment and gas exhaust duct;
  • software development for calculations of dust and gas measurements;
  • benchmark testing of filter fabrics of any kind;
  • technology development for dust and gas waste utilization;
  • design of laboratory facilities, including large-scale;
  • elaboration of passports for gas-treating systems;
  • elaboration and analysis of balance sheets for hazardous emissions to the atmosphere;
  • elaboration of measures for atmosphere and water purification;
  • elaboration of methods for measuring the content of hazardous and harmful components.