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Titanium Institute
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The experience of scientific and engineering works

Over the past 25 years, employees of the Research and Design Titanium institute have performed a large amount of scientific, technical and design work, such as:

  • factory was designed; magnesium production was launched and started in Sdom, Israel under a contract with Dead Sea Magnesium Co., Ltd (DSM) (Israel);
  • design and start-up of production of 15,000 tons / year of titanium sponge in Panzhihua (China, Sichuan, Panzhihua Iron & Steel (Group) Company) was completed;
  • design and launch of production of 10,000 tons / year of titanium sponge in Kunming (China, Yunnan, Yunnan Metallurgical Xinli Titanium Industry Co., Ltd) was completed;
  • design documentation was developed to create the production of sponge titanium in China (ARICOM Company England);
  • under a number of contracts, design and launch of titanium slag production was completed (China - the cities of Chengde and Panzhihua "Pangang Group International Economic & Trading Co., Ltd", Kazakhstan - JSC "Ust-Kamenogorsk Titanium-Magnesium Plant") ;
  • steel refining in China, Taiwan, Burma, etc.;
  • according to the State Target Program “Nuclear Fuel of Ukraine”, a series of works has been carried out to develop technology, equipment and a feasibility study for the production of zirconium by the magnesium thermal method;
  • set of technological works was completed (for the magnesium plant of the ‘Oriana’ concern in Kalush, Ukraine; Zaporizhzhya titanium-magnesium plant,  Volnogorsk mining and metallurgical plant etc.);
  • set of environmental works was completed ( Zaporizhzhya Titanium-Magnesium Plant, Zaporizhzhya Aluminum Plant, Nikolaev Alumina Plant etc.);
  • design and commissioning work was completed on the electrolytic production of magnesium reductant in China (Jinchuan Group Co., Ltd) and Kazakhstan (Ust-Kamenogorsk Titanium-Magnesium Plant JSC); the magnesium granule production plant from magnesium has completed more than 50 contracts for the design and transfer of the technology of out-of-furnace desulfurization of pig iron with granular magnesium and gas sinter to Hunan S.R.M. Technology Co., Ltd, China;
  • contracts for the reconstruction and development of the production of granular magnesium and magnesium alloys in the PRC (the cities of Minghe, Dashitsyao) were completed;
  • realization of the technology and equipment for refining magnesium and magnesium alloys at enterprises in Canada (firms Magnola, JCD LLK, Xstrata Magnesium Corp.);
  • developed technological regulations for the production of titanium pigment (Russia OJSC "Yarega Ore");