Research and Design
Titanium Institute
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The list of innovative components and technological know-how of “Research and Design Titanium Institute”

  • Technologies and equipment for producing titanium slag.
  • Technologies and equipment for reduction and vacuum separation of the alloyed titanium sponge with assigned alloying systems featuring uniform distribution of alloying elements.
  • Technologies and equipment for production of particulate metal-powder compounds for additive technologies.
  • Technology of processing of by-products of bitumen purification of titanium tetrachloride with high extraction of valuable components.
  • Method of mixing charge materials.
  • Automated control and management of batch dosing and batch preparation processes.
  • Design features of recovery apparatus, vacuum separation and installation devices.
  • Elements of the recovery process technology.
  • Vacuum separation process technology and its individual elements.
  • Technology of sponge titanium unit extraction process, its processing and its individual elements.
  • Device for trimming the skull and removing the sponge titanium block.
  • Sponge titanium packing device.
  • Special designs for chlorination and rectification technology, production of raw magnesium and reducing magnesium.
  • Disc crusher for grinding titanium sponge.
  • Method of processing spongy titanium blocks.
  • Diaphragmless cell for producing magnesium.
  • Electric salt furnace for continuous refining of magnesium and its alloys.
  • Method of preparing the flux for melting and refining magnesium and its alloys.
  • Method of magnesium-thermic production of spongy zirconium.
  • Method of the determination of carbon content in titanium powders.
  • Method of the determination of volatile-matter yield in carbon materials.
  • Method of the determination of hydrogen content in titanium.